About Us




Bandista was born as an idea between three good Bristol friends: Dave, Jack and Ed. Spurred on by the negative impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we became increasingly aware of the fallout for artists and venues. We constantly heard news of artists not being able to record, festivals being cancelled and the loss of any platform for aspiring and emerging artists on the cusp of breaking through.

Personally, we lost some of our favourite haunts - RIP Leftbank in Stokes Croft - but we knew we weren’t the only ones that were taking a real gut punch from losing live music and its electric atmosphere. Our loss, everyone’s loss, gave us a real fire in our bellies to do something different to try and help the music of Bristol and beyond.

After many sleepless nights, we have developed the bandista platform. Our aim is to create a new type of crowdfunding model to help emerging artists during, and post, pandemic. By simplifying the traditional ideas of crowdfunding, we want to keep artists focused on what matters: the music. We hope for you to join us on our journey.